A downloadable game for Windows

Do you remember this all vigilanties, who think they care about their city?!

This is is story of a man who took a jusitice into his own hand. And ass. His nemesis is never ending horde of pidgeon plague. He will teach it, how it is when ones shit comes and hit from blue sky. Shit Storm is about to begin! Join our hero in justice cause of shitting at pidgeons from above! You earn point with time and hitted pidgoens. Game over when time went to 0.

- When you hit police car ,you loose few sec from your time left.

- When you hit pidgeon ,game will grant you with few sec

Desing/graphics - Marcin Chmurski
Programming - Paweł Łabuz
Programming/design - Jacek Iwanicki
Menu graphic - Jakub Trąd
Export 3D models - Maciej Jarosiewicz


ShitStormBuild.rar 101 MB